Date: April 10, 2019

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Associate Member Host: HealthCrowd

Presenter: Neng Bing Doh (Bing)

Join Bing, CEO of HealthCrowd, for a presentation that will open your eyes to changes that are taking place and equip you with ways to emerge ahead of the game. When once digital outreach was a nice-to-have, today, it is crucial to health plan’s competitiveness. HealthCrowd serves Medicaid plans in 27 states. While we won’t divulge the 5 harsh truths ahead of time, expect them to revolve around very relevant topics: 

  • Member communications – what does your outreach say about your heath plan?
  • Communication behaviors – what do you actually know about your members?
  • Artificial Intelligence – hype or not?
  • Culture of “now” and instant gratification.

All content is based on observations from the hundreds of millions of communications that run through the HealthCrowd platform and conversations with hundreds of health plan stakeholders.  


Accompanied by case studies, this Wednesday webinar will be one every health plan employee can derive value from.