Date: November 20, 2019

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Associate Member Host: American Well

Presenter: Brian Dees, Senior Consultant, Sellers Dorsey, and Danielle Russella, General Manager, Payer Solutions, American Well

Medicaid guidelines require that all providers practice telehealth within the scope of their State Practice Act. In addition, reimbursement for telehealth under Medicaid must satisfy federal requirements and is dependent on each state’s unique payment methodologies.

How can you navigate the Medicaid landscape of telehealth in your state?

During this webinar, Brian Dees, Senior Consultant at Sellers Dorsey, will broadly discuss the telehealth landscape for Medicaid, and specifically highlight unique opportunities in California, Texas and Florida. He will review telehealth-specific Medicaid guidelines including the State Practice Act, and explain the importance of satisfying federal requirements in each state for telehealth reimbursement under Medicaid.

In addition, Danielle Russella, General Manager of Payer Solutions at American Well, will share the impact technology has on Medicaid members, and discuss how telehealth can positively impact quality measures and reduce costs for health plans. She will also share how some organizations are successfully utilizing telehealth to deliver better care to Medicaid members.


  • Brian Dees, Senior Consultant, Sellers Dorsey
  • Danielle Russella, General Manager, Payer Solutions, American Well


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