When: Wednesday, May 19 at 1:00p.m. EST

In Partnership With: Mom’s Meals


  • Catherine Macpherson, MS, RDN, VP of Product Strategy and Development, Chief Nutrition Officer, Mom’s Meals
  • Pedro Cachon, RN, BSN, Manger, Case Management, Simply Healthcare Plans
  • Julie Aiken, RDN, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Mom’s Meals

Description: Maternal mortality rates in the U.S. are among the highest in the develop world. Today, Medicaid pays for over half of all births nationwide, and a high-risk birth can cost 5-10 times that of a normal birth.

To improve maternal outcomes and lower costs, some health plans are supporting expectant mothers in new ways, including through food assistance. Nutrition plays a role in healthy fetal development and the health of the mother as well, particularly for members with a nutrition-dependent condition like gestational diabetes.

In this session, we’ll review nutrition’s links to maternal health quality and cost outcomes for health plans. We’ll also hear from Simply Healthcare, a Florida-based managed care organization, about their “Taking Care of Baby and Me” program, which uses home-delivered meals to help new moms with diabetes eat healthfully and adhere to condition-appropriate eating guidelines during and after pregnancy, including clinical outcomes and insights.