When: Wednesday, December 1 at 2:00 PM EST

In Partnership With: Icario and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan


Lauren Barca
Executive Officer, Population Health
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee

Cory Busse
VP, Performance Strategy


UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee works with providers and local resources to give free diapers to Medicaid families for completing critical health actions such as well-child visits and immunizations. To promote the Diaper Connections™ Program, UnitedHealthcare works with Icario to develop and test outreach approaches to meet members where they are and pave the way for increased engagement. The results are positive for all involved: Babies are healthier, moms and kids receive the care and daily staples they need, UnitedHealthcare lowers costly claims related to diaper rash, and providers see more patients.

You’ll learn:
• How repeat provider-consumer engagement shows diapers make a difference in motivating parents toward desired behaviors
• How receiving diapers frees up funds for food and utilities, and even opens employment opportunities for families facing social and economic barriers
• How powerful incentives decrease no-show appointments and build strong bonds between providers and families